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 Scythe Co. Ltd has announced a wordwide overclocking competition. The competition is open to anyone who has purchased a Scythe CPU cooler. The comp will consist of two catagories, Air cooling and Extreme cooling.
 Three winners will be selected in the Air Cooling catagory from Europe, USA and Asia (3 per reigon) and will be selected in the sequence of their results. Among all the best results selected from each region, a world wide winner will be chosen.
 For the 'Extreme Cooling' catagory 1 winner will be selected based on their result and the uniquness of their methods.

Contest Begins: August 15th 2006 (GMT 0:00)
Contest Ends: September 14th 2006 (GMT 0:00)
Announcement of the Winner: October 2nd 2006

For more information on the competition, including benchmark requirements and rules visit Scythe

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