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Introduction Scythe Kama Thermo (Wireless)
Not so long ago we were asked by Scythe to review their Kama Thermo digital thermometer, and it performed more than admirably by earning itself a 'Recommended' award for its accuracy and very attractive price. This time around the Scythe Kama Thermo has received an update in form as well as by name.
The Scythe Kama Thermo (Wireless) boasts features such as portability, a 2-way power source and non-contact temperature measuring method (wireless). The older Kama Thermo used a thermal probe to measure temperatures; the new wireless version dumps the probe in favour of an infra-red sensor.
So without further ado let's take a look at the Scythe Kama Thermo (Wireless) specifications.
The specifications were taken directly from Scythe's Kama Thermo (Wireless) product page:
Model Name:
Kama Thermo Wireless

Model #:
SCKTW - 1000WH (White)
SCKTW - 1000BK (Black)

Scythe Co., Ltd. Japan

29.5 x 80.0 x 16 mm (W x H x D)

Temperature Unit:
Celsius / Fahrenheit

Temperature Range:
0~100C / 32~212F

Usage Ambient Temperature:
-10C~50C / 14 ~122F

Response Time:
1 Second

Measurement Accuracy:
+/- 2C

Measurement of Vision Range:
10 / 100mm(D:S=1:1)


Button Lithium Battery CR2302 x 1 or USB

Storage Temperature:

35g (Incl. Battery)
I see that the Scythe Kame Thermo (Wireless) is now available in black as well as white - this may make the unit a little more appealing for those with a penchant for all things dark.
Let's head over the page to see the Kama Thermo (Wireless) in a little more detail.

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The packaging for the Scythe Kama Thermo (Wireless) is done in the usual Scythe style with every square inch of available space crammed full of the product's specifications and features. However, the packaging does feel quite lightweight in terms of providing protection to the Kama Thermo (Wireless) contained within. I wouldn't count on it protecting the unit from any decent impact.
Packaging front Packaging rear
Packaging contents
Included in the packaging were the following:
* Scythe Kama Thermo (Wireless)
* Instruction manual
* USB to mini-USB cable
* Black cloth patch
For those of you wondering about the black cloth; it's been included to make accurate temperature readings from shiny or relective materials. Simply attach the cloth to the shiny/reflective surface you want to measure and aim the Kama Thermo (Wireless) at the patch - voila!
A Closer Look
The Scythe Kama Thermo (Wireless) is so far removed from the original Kama Thermo that it isn't funny. The only similarity between the two is that they both display temperature. However, the Scythe Kama Thermo (Wireless) is certainly a 'classier' looking beast in my opinion.
Kama Thermo Wireless upright Kama Thermo battery compartment
Mini USB power
The differences between the two units really become obvious. The riginal Scythe Kama Thermo has a slightly larger LCD screen which makes reading the temperature easier, especially for those who may struggle to read smaller characters.
Size-wise the Kama Therrmo (Wireless) dwarfs the original as it is designed for stand-alone operation and subsequently a little more comfort when holding it in your hand.
You will notice that the Kama Thermo (Wireless) also lacks the locking tabs which are present on the original Kama Thermo. The locking tabs meant that the Kama Thermo could be modded into a drivebay cover or stuck onto the side of your chassis and the thermal probe used to monitor a variety of temperatures.
New and old Kama Thermo comparison_1 New and old Kama Thermo comparison_2
New and old Kama Thermo comparison_3
The Scythe Kama Thermo (Wireless) is able to measure temperatures between 0 - 100 degrees Celcius/32 - 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Should the object/substance you wish to measure go above or below the spcified range, the unit will return a 'Lo' or 'Hi' warning on the screen. The Scythe Kama (Wireless) cannot be used to measure air or any other gaseous temperature.
Low temp warning High temp warning
Operation of the Scythe Kama (Wireless) is dead easy. Simply point the IR receiver at the object you wish to measure and push the button once. Scythe suggest that you get as close to the object as possible to ensure the best possible reading.
Blue backlight
With the USB cable inserted into the bottom end of the Scythe Kama Thermo (Wireless) battery consumption is turned off and the blue backlight gives off a pleasant glow. I found the LCD screen a lot easier to read with the backlight on. One thing that warrants a mention here too is that the included USB cable is quite short, almost annoyingly so in fact. The short length means you really are quite restricted as to how far you can move away from your PC with the cable inserted. Scythe could perhaps look at lengthening the cable a little to make it more user friendly.

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Scythe state that the Scythe Kama Thermo (Wireless) has an accuracy tolerance of +/- 2 degrees Celcius, which is a little less accurate than the Kama Thermo at +/- 1 degree Celcius. In order to assess its accuracy, I will be verifying the Kama Thermo (Wireless) temperatures with a digital thermometer and taking a few random temperature readings to see how it performed.
The results of my testing has been included below:
Temperature measurements
MethodKama Thermo (Wireless)Digital Thermometer
Body Temp36.3 deg C36.9 deg C
Boiled water (left to stand) 63.8 deg C 64.5 deg C
 Oven temperature (90 deg C) 88.6 deg C 89.8 deg C
 Ambient temperature 20.3 deg C 21.2 deg C
As we can see the Scythe Kama Thermo (Wireless) handles the temperature testing quite well and all measured temperatures fell within the specified accuracy tolerance of +/- 2 degrees Celcius. Interestingly, for the last test (ambient) the Scythe Kama Thermo (Wireless) managed to record the ambient temperature when according to Scythe it shouldn't have been able to. Well done Scythe!

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Conclusion Scythe Kama Thermo (Wireless)
So how well did the Scythe Kama Thermo (Wireless) perform in today's review?
 The Scythe Kama Thermo (Wireless) is undoubtedly well made and solid. The unit itself, although made from plastic, feels as though it will be able to take a few decent knocks from regular wear and tear without giving up the ghost.
I do like the improved portability of the Scythe Kama Thermo (Wireless) over the older 'wired' Kama Thermo, as it wouldn't look out of place amongst the contents of your pocket (keys etc).
Performance-wise the Kama Thermo (Wireless) performed well and returned acceptable measurements of temperature, even with a stated accuracy of +/- 2 degree Celcius.
Pricing for the Scythe Kama Thermo (Wireless) comes in at US$19.90, which is a little dearer than the original Kama Thermo, but not excessively so in my opinion. I wasn't able to find a supplier for the unit in the UK at the time of review, but this is quite a  new product, so the lack of available e-tailers is understandable.
The Good
* Looks
* Accuracy
* Build quality
* Portability
The Mediocre
* USB cable too short
* Some users may find the smaller LCD harder to read
* Can't be used for permanent temperature monitoring i.e in a case
The Bad
* Nothing to report
Overclock3D Recommended Award
Thanks to Scythe-EU for providing today's review sample
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