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Scythe Releases Fanless 2.5" HDD Case

Scythe Co., Ltd (Tokyo, Japan) announces the 2.5" version of its fanless HDD case, Quiet Drive 2.5". Features are very similar to the 3.5" version of Quiet Drive, yet this 2.5" version allows the user to mount notebook HDD (both IDE and S-ATA) with the included adapter, and alternatively to
create the super silent HDD case by installing this 2.5" Quiet Drive into 3.5" Quiet Drive. Ideal usage for silencing HTPC cases by using the 3,5" Bay. Another addition to your Quiet PC System!

Model Name:
Quiet Drive 2.5”
Model #:

Scythe Co., Ltd. Japan

102 x 146 x 25mm (WxDxH)
HDD Type:

2.5” IDE Parallel & Serial ATA
Case Bay:
Standard 3.5” Bay

Core Structure:

Double Noise Reduction, Heat Diffusion & Anti-Vibration

Double Heat Diffusion Method + Thermal Conductive Sheet

Standard 3.5” Bay Mounting

37.90 (USD)
27.69 (EURO) excl. VAT

For further information & images regarding this product, please visit our website at:
Quiet Drive 2.5"
Product Page (English)

Quiet Drive 2.5" Product Page (German)
High Resolution Images (FTP)


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