Seagate Announce The 2TB Barracuda XT Page: 1
Barracuda XT
Seagate Barracuda XT 6Gb/s DriveToday, Seagate have announced the first 3rd Generation SATA drive, the Barracuda XT. Featuring four 500GB platters, spinning at 7200RPM, the 6Gb/s drive is the first on the market. Also new is a 64MB cache scheme and a five year warranty. This combination makes it "the world’s fastest, largest-capacity mainstream desktop hard drive to date" according to Seagate themselves.
Seagate promise a sustained transfer rate of 138MB/s, still no where near SSD performance, but a definite improvement over SATA II devices, and still within the maximum 600Mb/s of the new SATA interface. Alot of storage and speed can't be bad, can it?
As with previous SATA drives, the Barracuda XT is backwards compatible with both SATA and SATA II.
Expected to arrive in stores later this week, with an RRP of $299 (roughly £185). Discuss in our Forums.