Seagate Breaks World Magnetic Recording Density Record Page: 1

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Today Seagate announce the results of a magnetic recording demonstration, setting a world record of 421 Gbits per square inch (421 Gbit/in2). The achievement is the equivalent of storing 4,000 hours of digital video on your PC. What makes this all the more impressive, is that it was made possible using perpendicular recording heads and media created with currently available production equipment.

At the demonstrated density level, Seagate expects the capacity ranges to result in solutions ranging in 40GB to 275GB for 1-and 1.8-inch consumer electronics drives, 500GB for 2.5-inch notebook drives, and nearly 2.5TB for 3.5-inch desktop and enterprise class drives. At 2.5TB capacity, a hard drive would be capable of storing 41,650 hours of music, 800,000 digital photographs, 4,000 hours of digital video or 1,250 video games. Seagate anticipates that solutions at these density levels could begin to emerge in 2009.

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