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Seagate Technology introduced a new network storage solution that lets users access, share and protect all their data and media on one device. The 'Maxtor Shared Storage II' product by Seagate automatically backs up any digital files stored on networked computers daily, eliminating the need for countless backup disks. The device provides effortless data management and protection for up to 20 PCs or Macs. Which allows small businesses or home/public network managers to free themselves of the mundane but highly important task of ensuring that every computer's data is backed up.

The 1 TB 'Maxtor Shared Storage II' from Seagate is designed for easy setup with quick network installation, and can be set up with next to no IT experience. An EasyManage CD gives all users access to a shared folder and a set of password-protected network folders. A Gigabit Ethernet connection ensures fast transfer speeds and sharing between networked devices. A SimpleView feature acts like a built-in administrator, providing detailed backup and storage status to all network users

Users can also automatically copy content stored on the device by scheduling a transfer of data to a connected Maxtor OneTouch or Seagate Pushbutton USB storage device.

The device comes in a dual-drive setup with a storage capacity of one terabyte (1,000GB). It can be set up in RAID 1, so if one drive fails for any reason there's a duplicate version on the other drive as a backup.

The device includes two USB ports allowing it to connect to and share two USB printers or two additional storage devices, or one of each.

The software also comes with a unique self sorting ability. Users simply drag and drop up to 100 files onto the device and it will automatically organise them into the appropriate folders (music, video, text documents etc)

When connected to a home network, the Maxtor Shared Storage II solution can stream media content to any UPnP AV digital media adapters. A family, for instance, could simultaneously listen to a music collection via a networked sound system upstairs, play movies on a networked theatre system in the living room, and view a slide show of recent vacation photos on a laptop in the kitchen. The device does not need a PC or Mac in the network to function in this way.
The manufacturer's suggested retail price for the new terabyte dual-drive device is $899.95.

Seagate's Maxtor Shared Storage II solution is shipping in July to major retailers, distributors and online stores

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