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Author: Matthew Fogg

OC3D Official Press Release

Official Press Release

The content we create, collect and share - the movies, music, books, work, art and photos - defines who we are and has become an integral part of our digital lifestyle. And now, wherever you are, whenever you need it, Seagate Technology makes sure "Your On." With its new family of innovative and stylish Seagate FreeAgentTM data movers , the company has moved beyond traditional "storage in a box," keeping consumers not only connected to their content, but also to their desktop computing environment including Internet favorites, settings and passwords, email, instant messaging and more from wherever they are. Distinguished by a unique mix of integrated software and online content management tools and a chic, contemporary design, the new FreeAgent solutions are both beautiful and functional to match consumers' digital lifestyles. Ensuring the highest product quality and reliability, all Seagate FreeAgent desktop and portable solutions feature an unmatched five-year limited warranty, and are expected to be available worldwide via the company's global network of retailers and distributors beginning in February 2007.

"Seagate is moving beyond ‘just storage,' offering innovative products that differentiate our Maxtor and Seagate brands based on the needs and wants of consumers," said Jim Druckrey, senior vice president and general manager, Seagate Branded Solutions. "These new FreeAgent solutions also separate us from the competition, and help us grow the consumer storage category. With our FreeAgent data movers, we're connecting with consumers on an emotional level by giving them the lifestyle tools to help them move, work and play with their content virtually anytime, anywhere. Our Maxtor product portfolio remains the leading backup and data protection brand. But for the Seagate consumer brand and the FreeAgent products, it's about lifestyle, freedom and portable digital content. It's literally about being able to escape the confines of your desktop or your laptop - and have your content available to you where you need and when you need it. The fact that there's a hard drive inside is really secondary. Instead, we're focusing on managing the content that surrounds our experience in life."


The Seagate FreeAgent Data Movers are available in three different flavours: the Pro; Go, and Desktop.

FreeAgent Pro data movers (320GB, 500GB, 750GB)

FreeAgent Pro data movers provide prosumers, creative pros and anyone who's serious about their digital content the freedom to stay connected to it. They combine desktop and online solutions that let you access your content from anywhere, share it with anyone, and sync it to almost anything. The included software allows consumers to automatically synchronize content they select wherever they want it - like automatically transferring your latest project files to a flash drive, copying your email and contacts from Microsoft Outlook to an iPod®, accessing or auto loading your favorite photos to a Shutterfly® account, or quickly syncing your entire ‘My Documents' folders to the FreeAgent Pro drive. FreeAgent Pro data movers provide an entirely new way to interact with and manage digital content, providing much more than just storage. In addition to the full suite of software tools, every FreeAgent Pro data mover includes access to your own private Seagate Internet Drive, an online service that provides a "24/7 ATM" to post, access and share your favorite files from anywhere using the Web. The FreeAgent Pro data mover will include a trial offer of 500 megabytes of online space, which is free of charge for the first six months and upgradeable anytime. Access to the Seagate Internet Drive will be password-protected, so users can safely provide access to their content to trusted friends and family. Manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) ranges from $199.99 (320GB) to $419.99 (750GB) for both modules.


FreeAgent Go (80GB, 120GB, 160GB) and FreeAgent Go Small (12GB) data movers

Designed for college students, mobile consumers and business professionals, the new Seagate FreeAgent GoTM family makes anywhere-computing possible by putting your desktop in the palm of your hands. Unlike many portable storage solutions that merely store, protect or synchronize files between PCs, they give you the freedom to carry your computing environment with you - including Web favorites, passwords and settings, IM, email, contacts and digital files - without having to haul around your laptop or desktop PC. Simply plug a FreeAgent Go data mover into any Windows computer's USB 2.0 port at work, the airport, a business center, a coffee shop, or a friend's house so that you have your personal computing experience with you wherever you go.The MSRP for FreeAgent Go ranges from $129.99 (80GB) to $189.99 (160GB).


FreeAgent Desktop data movers (250GB, 320GB, 500GB)

Designed for a broad array of computer users, from corporate and small business professionals to prosumers and students, FreeAgent desktop drives are ideal for anyone needing a simple way to extend their digital treasure chest of photos, movies, music, games and documents. It provides simple add-on storage for people to gather and access their content in one place. Seagate has developed revolutionary perpendicular recording technology to provide vast capacity in a device with a footprint no bigger than a stapler. The ultra-slim design and base-mounted cables make it easy to keep your desk free of clutter, and their unique espresso-brown color with molten amber illumination adds sophistication to your desktop. They are PC and Mac compatible with a USB 2.0 interface for easy connection and fast 7200-RPM, internal hard drives provide great performance. MSRPs range from $149.99 (250GB) to $249.99 (500GB).


Seagate Freegent USB

See the demonstration on Seagate's FreeAgent Data Movers here

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