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Seagate Serves Replica for Your Whole-PC-Backup

Replica, the whole-pc-backup system from SeagateBacking-up your entire PC could be a major task, but Seagate’s new whole-PC-backup system Replica could make your life easier. Similar to Apple’s Time Machine, the device stores incremental copies of your entire PC.
How does the Replica work? If Seagate is to be believed, it is as simple as plug-and-play. You just plug the Replica in via USB, the bundled software gets launched, and soon as you accept the terms of usage, the device automatically starts backing up your entire system.
The back-up allows you to easily roll back your PC to a particular point in time. The best part about Replica is that it stores up-to-date copies of all your files in the same sequence as your PC. This makes navigation simple and restoration as easy as drag-and-drop.
Sounds interesting, but the Replica will initially be available in limited capacities of 250GB and 500GB only. Seagate has designed the lower capacity model as a single PC system, while the 500GB one will be compatible with multiple PCs and also feature a vertical dock. Both devices will come with a 5,400RPM hard drive.
The sleek-looking system measures just 142mm x 101mm x 18mm and comes with a 5-year limited warranty backup. Seagate has priced the 500GB model at $200 and the 250GB one at $130 with availability starting next month.
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