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It seems like many companies, Gigabyte have decided to release a nice chunk of updates at CES on their Blog.



Our buddy LG Nilsson writing for VR-Zone relished the opportunity to take a look at some consumer oriented motherboard designs for Intel’s next generation processors, writing a fairly comprehensive overview of each of the boards displayed at the show.

Several Gigabyte updates at CES

“If you've been waiting for some more consumer friendly motherboards than the dual-socket workstation board we've seen so far from CES, then we have good news, we've got a few shots of Gigabyte's upcoming Intel 7-series motherboards….As with Gigabyte's X79-series motherboards, the upcoming 7-series boards f

or the LGA-1155 socket will be equipped with digital PWMs, Gigabyte's 3D Power and of course the 3D UEFI. However, there's a lot more to these new boards and there are a few really interesting additions that we can expect at the launch.”

PC Perspective

Scott Michaud from PC Perspective managed to get a look at their new offerings despite suffering from the obligatory sore feet that comes with a day at CES:

“Since we are a computer hardware website, how about indulging in a jackpot of information about Gigabyte’s next generation of Z77 Ivy Bridge motherboards?

The Z77 chipset will be Intel’s higher-end platform for the upcoming Ivy Bridge CPUs as well as support for the previous generation of Sandy Bridge processors. While there are some 60-series chipsets that support Ivy Bridge with a BIOS update I am sure Gigabyte, for one, hopes you upgrade to a motherboard more suited for the CPU.

Perhaps you would like a 3D BIOS with that?”

Legit Reviews

Dan Stolz caught the full press conference at the Venetian where the whole new family of boards, as was apereciative of the opportunity to get hands some thoroughly new and exciting forthcoming technology:

Several Gigabyte updates at CES

“The day before CES 2012 opens up to the public, Legit Reviews has been busy with press conferences and meetings with the various companies that we work with. Today they were able to attend the GIGABYTE press conference where they had some great information for us. Possibly the most exciting point of the meeting was the sneak peek at several of GIGABYTE's Intel Z77 'Ivy Bridge' motherboards!”



Tweaktown boss man Cameron Wilmot was also in attendance at the media event, taking this memorable photo of their buddy Colin Brix armed to the teeth with next gen boards of course!

Several Gigabyte updates at CES

“CES 2012 - GIGABYTE just got done holding their "Meet the Executives" event at the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas and one of the big points for staying ahead of their competition (ASUS) was to be first out with new technology."

One big new piece of technology coming out sometime later this year is Intel's Ivy Bridge platform. They are already bound by an NDA, so there is little they can say. A quick search on Google though shows things like native USB 3.0 and PCI Express 3.0 support. It will be a mid-range platform, you can think of it as an updated Z68 Express for upcoming Intel processors.”


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