Shamino Leaves Evga? Page: 1

Back in 2008, Peter "Shamino" Tan joined the Evga team.  During his time there, Tan helped forge a line of motherboards that truly put the graphics card company onto the map.  However, good things inevitably come to an end.

Two days ago, a curious tweet appeared on HWBot's Twitter, stating Shamino had left Evga as fact.  In a thread made on k|ngp|n's forums inquiring about this tweet, Tan made the following post:

wherever i am its not big deal, its just a job right, i think? 
Plus I'm not able to influence stuff as much as many people think so i dont think its much of any concern.

While his comments are not necessarily committing, they seem to imply the Twitter post holds truth.  And though he does downplay his role in the grand scheme of things, there's little doubt Tan holds a major influence on the overclocking world.

Before his stint with Evga he helped Foxconn start their Quantum Force line, turning a mass OEM manufacturer into a clocking force to be reckoned with.  Even setting his engineering work aside, the knowledge and experience he has imparted to the community is invaluable.

So where is Shamino going?  At this point, no one really seems to know.  However, unless he's planning to leave the engineering scene, he's bound to pop up somewhere soon.

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