Shuttle Shows off Barebone XS35 Slimline PC Page: 1

Small form factor PC manufacturer Shuttle this week added to its SFF lineup with the unveiling of its Ion 2-based Barebone XS35 Slimline PC. While the PC has been announced, its official release will only take place at the upcoming CeBIT trade show in March.

Shuttle’s systems might be tiny in design, but they pack more than a punch. Most of Shuttle’s PCs are designed keeping LAN party gamers in mind… people who do not wish to carry around full-sized systems when they hit the road. This makes them powerful little systems that perform under extreme conditions.

The new Barebone XS35 Slimline PC from Shuttle however, breaks the mould and stands far apart from its rectangular gamer boxes. At just 3.3cm thick, the XS35 is in a new class all by itself. It is slim enough to be fitted almost anywhere… inside your car or behind your flat panel as your secret HD player.

Inside its ultra-slim chassis is a 1.66GHz dual-core Atom D510 processor on Intel’s NM10 Express Chipset. Graphics processing power comes through a NVIDIA Ion 2 graphics card with HD playback support and a HDMI output. It also features VGA output, LAN port, five USB 2.0 ports, a multi-format card reader, a 2.5” hard drive, and an optical drive. The passive cooling technology used in the XS35 keeps it eerily quiet except for its hard disk sounds.

Shuttle is expected to start shipping the ultra-slim systems in the second half of the year; though pricing still remains a secret.

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