SilenX release waterblock for the Nvidia 8800 Series Page: 1
News <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> Posted 09/11/06
Author: Matthew Fogg (PV5150)
Source: The Inquirer

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Some crazy Germans from have shown the world’s the first waterblock for the Nvidia 8800 series graphics cards. The prototype comes from the company named SilenX, and it looks menacing. Preliminary testing has relealed that the temperature of the GPU drops sharply by 30 degrees Celsius, from 81-85C down to a 50C range. Overclocking scores also show significant improvement.

Apparently according to the source, before the waterblock was installed, the GPU was running in high 90s at a 625MHz clock. With the watercooler you can enjoy a 25degC lower temperature and a stable clock of 660MHz for the GPU, which is almost 100 MHz faster than a default clock.

8800 Front

8800 Back

The reason the cooler works so well is its backside. While the front looks pretty much like many of the waterblocks out there, turning the back reveals the German precision in designing this monster. All of the elements on the PCB are cooled: the G80 GPU, Samsung GDDR3 memory, nV I/O chip and the power regulation. Once the watercooling block becomes commercially available, you can get it here.

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