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SilverStone Nightjar 500W Fanless PSU Available Soon!

The SilverStone Nightjar series of power supplies is the choice of builders who want a completely silent PSU that doesn't sacrifice on performance or quality. The latest model in the Nightjar series is the brand new ST50NF 500W unit due for release by the end of the month.

Providing 500W with up to 38A on the +12V rail, as well as 80 PLUS Silver efficiency this fanless passive power supply pushes what is possible without the active airflow and noise a fan provides. As with other fanless PSUs the Nightjar 500W ST50NF uses its casing as a giant heatsink, which transfers the heat away from the critical components into the air and case without the use of a fan.

We can expect to see it in retailers within the next few weeks. For more information please see the SilverStone Tech ST50NF Product Page.

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