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Silverstone Temjin TJ08-E Mini Tower Case Details Released 

SilverStone Technology has release details of their latest premium Micro-ATX case, the TJ08-E. This case mixes classic cleanly styled compact design with class leading cooling performance. The cooling for this compact case is based around a single front mounted AP181 Air Penetrator intake fan, the same fan used in many of their recent cases. The very large 180mm fan with its high CFM provides positive air pressure for the whole case, resulting in good cooling despite the small case dimensions. The fan is also fitted to a speed switch, which means you can tune the airflow and therefore the noise output to your requirements.

As you would expect with a premium SilverStone case there are innovative features throughout the design including magnetic fan filters, independent power supply compartment, oversized motherboard tray cut out and a inverted layout. Also part of the design is feature that has fallen out of favour with case manufacturers, the removable motherboard tray. Something that many system builders see as a god send and it is easy to see why. As you would expect this case has two front mounted USB3.0 ports along with the usual headphone and microphone connections.

Although this case is compact, it still supports the latest hardware including all very long consumer graphics cards like the 5970, 6990, GTX590 etc. It has four expansion slots, a space for the usual but in this case optional 120mm extractor fan near the CPU area of the motherboard and two optical drives. There is also plenty of space for storage drives with a drive bay that can hold four standard 3.5" HDDs, which are cooled directly by the AP181 fan. Finally there is a dual purpose 3.5" drive bay for an internal or external device.

On a side note the model number TJ08 is quite an odd choice considering it is one number up from the TJ07, a truly giant case with completely different design and construction. This massive case which has been the favourite for many years as a watercooling project case is as far from the TJ08 as we can think. It does however stay true to the TJ07s design ethos, innovative design and features with great attention to detail and high quality construction.

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