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SilverStone update the TJ04

Since 2004, the TJ04 has been the main mid-tower chassis in the Temjin series, but with changing hardware comes the need to keep cases up to date.

So here comes the TJ04B-E, which keeps the same established looks but with a revamped interior for all those shiny things you have been buying recently. 

With the PSU now mounted in the bottom of the case, the TJ04B-E can handle up to five 5.25" drives, nine 3.5 inch drives and 6 SSD's. If you can fill all of those slots, you really need a server!  The top IO "bay" has the now usual two USB 3.0 connector and the obligatory Audio/Mic jacks.

Cooling seems to be well handled with two sets of fan mounts for two 120mm or 140mm fans (one 120mm is included) in the roof.  But, as well as normal 120mm in the rear, the case also has 2 "right-hand" mounted fan points for 120mm fans (again one is included).

This keeps the main bay door and the front free from fans, allowing SilverStone to maintain it's simple, stylish, fuss free looks.  There is also a single 120mm fan mount in the bottom of the case.

Inside view     Outside view

All of these fans seem to be filtered as well, but SilverStone also say that their "positive pressure design" reduces dust in the case.  There is also the addition of some special "goodies" to help keep your system cool;

"... the TJ04-E includes a custom cooling solution to reduce hard drive temperatures and two custom cables with built-in capacitors to facilitate cable management and improve drive stability."


It will also handle monster 17" long cards, without any need to remove the drive cages, which is pretty amazing, and a feature usually only found in full-towers.  Don't worry, if you have a load of other cards to fit, as the case also supports up to 8 expansion cards.

Cable management looks well catered for with lots of CM holes, but there seems to be a distinct lack of grommets.  The motherboard back plate seems to also be well designed to allow easy fitting the current crop of behemoth air coolers.

All in all, this looks like a great update to a classic design, hopefully we'll see one in the flesh soon.

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