Six-Core 'Istanbul' Opterons available to pre-order at Scan. Page: 1
Six-Core ‘Istanbul’ Opterons available to pre-order at Scan.
I was just browsing around our excellent forums when I came across GavX’s thread here, and read about how he’d unlocked 3 cores on his dual core AMD Phenom II 550 and overclocked it to 3.7GHz.
Imagining the immense value for money in a setup like this, I felt compelled to check out the prices at Scan. When I clicked on their AMD CPU section (not something I do often I must admit) I was shocked to see a listing for ‘AMD Opteron Six Core – Istanbul
These are Socket F Opterons – High end Workstation/Server parts supporting dual CPU operation for up to 48 physical cores in an 8-way setup (If you can find a board)! This isn’t the kind of hardware we normally run here, but for some of you with big money to burn and multithreaded software these could offer the pinnacle of SMP performance.
Being cutting edge professional parts, AMD can get away with charging a premium for these CPU’s, and you can bet they do. The entry level 2.2GHz Opteron 2427 supporting 2-way operation (12 cores) is priced at £356.94, with the prices for their flagship 2.8GHz 8-way Opteron 8439 at a dizzying £2,080.03! Eight of these puppies will set you back a mere £16,640.24 (yes that’s over sixteen thousand pounds)!
It’s all just insane really, but that's enterprise computing for you. I think I need to lie down after posting this up!
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