SLI support possible on X58 Page: 1
SLI support possible on X58
If the information gathered is correct, Nvidia will not be making a chipset for any of Intel's Bloomfield processors and very unlikely to build one for the whole Nehalem CPU range.
However, it seems that SLI support will not be dropped and that Intel's x58 chipset may be able to support it. That is if the motherboard manufacturers are willing to integrate Nvidia's n-Force 200 chip onto their motherboards. But judging by Intel's Skulltrail engineers reaction towards the chip it may well become a rarity as they disliked it's thermal properties.
Seems to be a strange move by Nvidia, but it might be that Intel has told them there is no chance of them obtaining a QPI license, alternatively Nvidia may decide to exit the chipset scene all together. 
Other issues with the n-Force 200 chip is that it is rather pricey, costing around $30 and it is unlikely that the motherboard manufacturers can use the same PCB layout on it's non-SLI motherboards. Sounds like another win for the red team.
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