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Slim console won't support previous games
Playstation 3 SlimAs I am sure we all know, Sony announced a price cut on the playstation 3 consoles, and then shortly afterwards the Slim version was pictured all over the internet. Well, it seems like a good decision, it cuts costs and saves space, and in my opinion it looks alot better. Ok, it could be gloss but that doesn't really matter, the thing that does is that there will be no support for playstation 2 games. This might not be seen as bad by some but many do enjoy playing older games. Sony don't seem to agree though as their director of marketing John Koller said that they are 3 years into the life span of the playstation 3 and between 80 and 90 percent of users bought them to play playstation 3 games.
In addition, the slim edition will not support the installation of linux like the original models. This is because sony wants to standardize their operating system. Koller added that "those who want to change the OS can always buy the previous model and use whatever OS they like." Not a very good way of putting it, and this will potentially stop alot of users "upgrading".
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