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Xceive claims smallest high-definition LCD TV copy ready design

Xceive, a maker of hybrid silicon tuners for PC, TV and digital home, on June 5 announced its "Breckenridge" reference design for small-size and transportable hybrid TVs and is demonstrating what it claims is the world's smallest high-definition TV (HDTV) this week at the Computex trade show in Taipei (June 5-9). Xceive's XC5000, a hybrid silicon tuner for the TV market, is integrated in a 7-inch, 16:9 TV screen capable of receiving all 18 ATSC formats or NTSC signals either via terrestrial or cable, in an ultra-small footprint. The HDTV's main board size dimensions are approximately 2.75 by 4.75 inches.


With the inclusion of Xceive's XC5000 chip, the designer gains access to a myriad of important TV tuner advances that provide benefits including a small form factor; counteracts VSB challenges; best reception with small antenna; meets and exceeds A/74, Nordig 1.0.2 and OpenCable industry standards; lower electronic bill of materials (BOM); and ultra fast channel scanning capabilities. The company expects to see customers reach the marketplace with solutions based on this platform this year, said Neil Mitchell, vice president of marketing, Xceive.


The XC5000 is the world's most highly integrated silicon TV tuner specifically designed for flat-panel TVs, stated the company. This next-generation tuner offers state-of-the-art performance where both analog and digital reception is required, said Xceive, adding that the XC5000 is the only hybrid global TV tuner with an on-board DSP controller.

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