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Typing, especially for extended periods can be tiring; it can also lead to repetitive stress injuries. Ergonomic peripherals designer Smartfish though has decided to bring about some changes to this through its new Engage keyboard. According to the manufacturer, this first of its kind keyboard is a self-adjusting one that can help remove the stress of long typing.

Put on display for the first time at CES 2011, the Smartfish Engage keyboard is definitely a different and innovative looking piece. It has been designed with an amazing adjustment function that automatically yet subtly keeps on adjusting the keyboard on a continuous basis. The adjustments might not be drastic, but they keep the users hands from remaining in the same position for extended periods.

Such minor changes and adjustments go a long way in removing repetitive stress and thereby keep the pain experienced due to the carpal tunnel condition at bay. The standard split QWERTY design also makes typing using the Engage an absolute pleasure. The keyboard is split into two sections – one for each hand. Both halves are independent of each other and can be separately adjusted for comfort. Upward and downward titling is also possible.

This very different looking and unique keyboard from Smartfish is already available for ordering from the manufacturer’s website and costs $149.9. Anyone will to give it a try?

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Smartfish Engage Keyboard  Smartfish Engage Keyboard  Smartfish Engage Keyboard