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Smooth Creations Unveils a New Beast – The Redeemer
The new Redeemer high-performance notebook from Smooth Creations
Smooth Creations and BFG have come together to unveil a high-power performance notebook based on Intel’s Core i7 processors. Dubbed “The Redeemer”, the system promises to “turn heads, and then shred them”.

Featuring a head-turning default artwork chassis, the Redeemer brings together the best of Smooth Creations, BFG, Corsair and Intel’s technology. It offers a choice of one of Intel’s three Core i7 processors including the 965 Extreme Edition. This is combined with dual BFG GeForce GTX 280 graphics cards in SLI and up to 12GB of triple-channel DDR3 memory.

This beast of a system carries a full-HD resolution 17in display backed by a “perfect pixels” guarantee and a choice of hard disk or solid state drives. Other options available include a webcam and TV tuner, and a 12-cell battery to keep the hardware going.

The Redeemer is aimed at the LAN-going gamer and in most ways, justifies the manufacturer’s claim, “if you don’t own the Redeemer system with BFG Mobile GeForce 280s, get ready for an ass-whipping”. Smooth Creations is offering a choice of configuration options and custom artwork designs, all within a price range of $3,200 for the base version to $8,024 for the fully loaded one.

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