Some Phenom II X6 Pricing And Release Dates Revealed Page: 1

Yesterday, one of our members (AMD_PBz) spotted a couple of AMD's upcoming Phenom II X6 hex-core processors on Norwegian e-tailer Microplex's site.  These listings put the top 1090T Black Edition at 2295 Kroner and the 1055T (2.8GHz) at 1595 Kroner.  These translate into about $385 and $268 respectively.  Now, another e-tailer has given some word on the pricing for these processors.

Bahrain-based e-tailer Advanti have posted on their Facebook page some numbers for the same processors that they say are official straight from AMD's mouth.  According to them, the 1090T Black Edition will be priced at $295 while the 1055T will go for $199.

Now, Microplex's listing appear to imply they will have stock in a couple days.  However, Chinese site Chiphell have given word that release will likely actually occur late next month on April 27th.

With pricing such as this, AMD may be able to gain some ground on Intel, seeing as their current hex-core Gulftown offering, the i7 980X, retails for $1000 or more.  Even the lower model i7 970 coming later this year is expected to be priced above $500.  It's quite clear Intel feels the best should come at a premium while AMD is striking hard to provide customers with some serious value.