Sony's PS3 Finally take the Nintendo Crown Page: 1
Sony's PS3 Finally take the Nintendo Crown
Sony's PS3 has finally beaten Nintendo and taken the crown for the top spot in the Japanese market.
According to Media Create's Figures, Sony shifted 75,311 machines in the seven days ending with June 15th, sales being boosted by the release of Metal Gear Solid 4.
Sony's sales are almost double that of the Wii, which in the mean time only managed to sell around 45,564 units. The PS2 came 3rd with 7,297 console sales. Nintendo can feel comfortable for the time being as it is making a killing on worldwide sales as well as the fact that the Wii isn't doing as badly as Microsoft's Xbox 360 in Japan.
Poor old Microsoft only sold 2,163  in the same amount of time, is the 360 on it's way down? Discuss on our Forums.