Sparkle Adds 2GB Memory to GeForce GT220 Card Page: 1

Taiwan-based graphics solutions manufacturer Sparkle today announced its new GPU with the release of its NVIDIA GeForce GT220 card. The unit is the first GT220 card to boast of a 2GB memory module.

Card manufacturers have been working overtime in the last couple of months, getting their DirectX 11 supporting graphics cards on the market. Most of these cards have been new generation cards and the manufacturers have supplied these with 2GB or 4GB of RAM to make them processing powerhouses.

Surprisingly though, Sparkle has decided to go with an older, lower-end GT series card that supports DirectX 10.1 and loaded it up with 2GB of memory. The initiative is definitely a first for the graphics card market as the Sparkle GeForce GT2200 is the first of its kind with so much video memory.

For processing power, the GT220 has an unimpressive 48 cores. Its core has been clocked at 625MHz, while the shader and memory are clocked at 1360MHz and 800MHz respectively. The card supports DirectX 10.1 and CUDA. Sparkle has designed the card with all-solid capacitors for increased electrical stability.

On the cooling side, the GT220 has been equipped with a specially designed cooler that has been created using a silver-coated, aluminum fins fan. According to the manufacturer, this keeps the card impressively cool. The card also has video output options in the form D-Sub, DVI and HDMI outputs, and supports PhysX and Stereoscopic 3D.

On the whole, the Sparkle GeForce GT220 card is a fully-featured GPU with 2GB of memory. However, compared to current cards in the market, it fares poorly in GPU speeds and processing cores. So its chances of success are definitely limited. How it fares in the market can only be known once it is released and its pricing revealed.

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