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Calibre Dual Fly Announced

On the back of positive reviews of graphics cards fitted with it's Dual Fly coolers, Sparkle have released a standalone Calibre Dual Fly cooler. The VDT2000 is a dual fan copper-aluminum cooler and is compatible with a good variety of AMD/ATi and Nvidia cards.

From the press release:

According to the cooling test data provided by SPARKLE, when tilting the two cooling fans of the Calibre Dual Fly Cooling System 15 degrees, the GPU, video memory and MOS working temperatures can be 13, 4 and 10 centigrade degrees lower than the reference cooling fans. The chassis environmental temperature also dropped by 5 centigrade degrees. At the same time, compared with the 34dB working noise brought by ordinary graphics cooling fans, the Fly Cooling System exclusively provided by SPARKLE has obvious advantage, its working noise only reaches 30dB. (Compare with reference design GeForce 8800 GT)

You can view the full press report here.

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Calibre Dual FlyCalibre Dual Fly GPU Cooler