Sparkle Comes Up With a GeForce 210 Page: 1

Graphics card manufacturer Sparkle seems to be in hurry to release some old graphics cards in new packaging - it has followed up its release of a GeForce GT 220 last week with a new GeForce 210 today. The new card comes with a 128-bit video memory interface, which according to the manufacturer, delivers “impressive graphics processing power to your PC at an incredible value”.

While the world is waiting for Fermi, Sparkle is using the opportunity to quickly introduce some entry and mid-level cards. The GPU introduced today features a lowly 24 processing cores and is clocked at just 475MHz. Compared to the recent GeForce GTX cards that run at 875MHz, this is just half the processing power.

The shaders on the card carry a clock speed of 1100MHz, while the 1GB of DDR2 memory added to the card by Sparkle works at 800MHz. So in terms of processing power and speed, the Sparkle GeForce 210 is something of a cross between the GT 220 and the regular G210 cards.

For cooling, Sparkle has supplied the GeForce 210 with a compact cooler, which at first sight seems too small and insufficient for keeping the card properly cooled. Considering the core speed and the low number of processing cores, the 1GB of memory does seem like overkill. But then Sparkle must have some reason for hiking the memory so high.

Well, the card has been announced, and we can only measure the response it gets when its availability and pricing is declared.

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