Sparkle Releases the Single-Slot GeForce GTS 450 Page: 1

Taiwan-based graphics card manufacturer Sparkle has announced its special low-profile GeForce GTS 450 cards that has surprisingly been fit into a single-slot form factor. The new card should be welcomed by enthusiasts who are in a fix on how to fit traditional graphics cards into their highly restricted system spaces.

The package is really slender, yet there have been no compromises made where performance is concerned. Sparkle has done a splendid job of fitting in a cooling fan and heatpipes - everything crafted from copper on to the card without adding anything to the width. The special design cooling apparatus also keeps the noise levels down to a hum and temperatures well within the acceptable range.

Making the GeForce GTS 450 even more attractive is the fact that the manufacturer has juiced up clock speeds to 789MHz. The 192 shaders on the card are all running at a sweet 1,579MHz each. Memory too has been given a mighty jump to 3,760MHz, a significant increase over the 3,608MHz available on the reference card. All the normal outputs have been left in place with two DVI ports and single mini HDMI connector available.

The specifications make it pretty clear that the new GeForce GTS 450 from Sparkle is a neat bundle and worth a check out. The only details now remaining are the price and availability, which should hopefully be announced soon.

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The GeForce GTS 450 from Sparkle is a really slim package