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Sparkle's dual fan 9600GT
Sparkle, today annouced the release of a new GPU for it's Calibre series, this is not any old graphic card. This is a 9600GT with a dual fan cooling solution(shown on the right).
The GPU will run at 700Mhz core and comes with 512Mb GDDR3 clocked to 1000Mhz (2Ghz effective).  The Shader clock has been overclocked to 1850Mhz. But what makes it stand out is the new cooling solution, "Dual Fly".
The heatsink has a core of copper inside the aluminum die-casting thermal base which uses a heatpipe placed inside the thermal base to efficiently transfer the heat from the GPU. The heat is then transferred to the 0.2mm cooling fins via two circular heatpipes. Then the two high speed fans will do the rest, the fans can also be lifted to cool not only the heatsink but the PCB too. The fans aren't all that noisy either at load they will run at 29dBA's.

The price isn't bad either at around £115, I am sure this card will take off.
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