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Spotify, offline.
The increasingly popular music streaming service, Spotify, goes from strength to strength, and the introduction of offline streaming will certainly help a large number of users. Now posing as even more of a threat to iTunes, in the personal computer and mobile markets, allowing you to store a maximum of 3333 songs on your computer to listen to without an internet connection at any one time.
However, you must be a premium member to use this feature, costing you £9.99 a month. Also, the maximum amount of songs that you are able to store is under half the number of songs contained in the average collection of music belonging to a 14-24 year old. It's still a nice feature and the limitations will change as the application grows more popular, but for now, it'll do. Spotify say you need the latest version of the client and may have to log out and log in to access the feature properly.
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