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[Staff Project] NZXSPC Stage 2


Strip down

Those of you who frequent the Forum area of the OC3D site will already know what a thriving modding community we have, if you have not why not?! There are pages and page of forum members sharing their builds and looking for advice from fellow modder's, its an awesome place to not only lean but share your knowledge. 

So moving on to the NZXPC project we opened up the batting by showing off the kit we have it's now time to get down to business and get started with the serious art of modding.  As there's far to much going on to cram into this article, do make sure you head over to the Project logs section for the more detail and of course more pictures.

Breaking the case down into it's component parts is a very simple job with the Phantom 410.  A few tugs on plastic clips and you're down to the bare chassis

[Staff Project] NZXSPC Stage 2     [Staff Project] NZXSPC Stage 2


Should you wish to dismantle further, the main roof assembly is attached by means of screws rather than rivets.  On this occasion we aren't taking the case any further apart than this so they can stay firmly in place. 

Heading over to the top/front of the case we can now see in more detail that the switch and front I/O units are easily removed. The power and reset switch unit simply unclips, whilst the I/O unit is secured by a couple of screws. It's then just a matter of pulling the cabling through the central hole. It really couldn't be easier.

[Staff Project] NZXSPC Stage 2     [Staff Project] NZXSPC Stage 2


Planning and test fitting

The aim of this build is to watercool both the i5 2500K CPU and NVidia GTX570 GPU, and to do this using a bay reservoir and not one but two of the rather fantastic XSPC EX-240 radiators.  We know the case will take one of these in the roof, and we'd hoped it would be a relatively easy task to fit the other in the front of the case.

On test fitting the roof rad above the roof panel as intended we discovered that even at just 35mm thick it's still a fraction too big to go under the plastic roof section.  Not a problem, just a simple matter of relocating the rad under the metal roof section and locating the fans above, as per the image blow left.  Finding a home for the front rad was going to prove more troublesome however as measurements revealed that the 275mm long rad was not going to fit into the 272mm gap between the floor of the case and the bottom of the 5.25" drive bays (below right).  Not only that, but the lower section of the 3.5" drive bays was going to need to come out.

[Staff Project] NZXSPC, Strip down and Planning     [Staff Project] NZXSPC, Strip down and Planning


The Fans

Although the Phantom 410 comes with some very able fans we're going to be removing them all and replacing with Scythe Gentle Typhoon 1850s.  2 will be exterior to the front rad, 2 will be external to the top rad, 1 will be at the rear on extract duty.  The fans will be having a visit to the spray shop though so they'll look less like they're made from recycled wheelie bins.  If we can rustle up another 1850 we might even go push/pull on the front rad.


The window.

Having established that the mesh grill area on the side had to go we chose to go with extending the simple lines of the existing window.  As the mesh area is also slightly raised, removing it will give us a much smoother side panel.  The image below right shows the window masked off ready for cutting.  Please note that the line of the tape does not determine the line of the cut.

[Staff Project] NZXSPC, Strip down and Planning     [Staff Project] NZXSPC, Strip down and Planning


So guys, you now know the grand plan for the case.  If you want to see more of how this project and others are progressing, head on over to the thread here or just take a look through all of the builds in the Project Logs section of the forums.