Steam Enters Beta Testing for New Version Page: 1

Social gaming platform Steam today went into an opt-in public beta for the introduction of its new version. Open to all Steam users and gamers, the update brings significant upgrades to the core functionality of the gaming and social networking platform.

Developed by Valve, Steam is one of the most popular digital games distribution, multiplayer, and communications platforms currently available. It features more than 1000 highly popular games. Available as a free download to all users, Steam allows users to test and buy new games as they arrive, and in general keeps them updated about new happening in the gaming world. It also has a social network side which gives users the ability to create a network of friends for online gaming.

With the new version, Valve has brought an all new User Interface to Steam that enhances the way in which users buy and play games. The new version of Steam offers extended info on the most important aspects of gaming including methods of getting games, playing those games with friends, and staying up-to-date on happenings in the world of gaming.

As a gamer, you just need to log in to your game Library to find and track which of your friends are playing which game and then invite those friends to play or compete online. This functionality helps you decide whether you should buy a game by knowing whether your friends are playing it or not in advance. The store homepage lists all the games your friends have purchased to help you make an informed decision.

Gamers who already have Steam installed just need to follow this link and select “2010 UI Update” under Beta Participation. If you are new to Steam, you can sign up directly and download it for free.

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