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Steel Series - CES Product Update

Steel Series have announced a new raft of peripherals at CES in Las Vegas.
The new Flux headphones offer a folding design, interchangeable pads and outer covers and are able to be daisy chained, so multiple people can listen to the same source.

The Siberia v2 USB Headset features a smart "noise cancelling" and retractable microphone, leather covered ear cups, inline controls and LED lights on the outside of the cups themselves! Very "bling".

Steel Series - Siberia Headset

The Ion is a game pad about the same size as a deck of cards, but featuring all the controls you'd find on a 360/PS3 controller. It's designed as a portable game pad, but with serious pro-gaming credentials.

The Kana is a "community designed" mouse, taking feedback from the "Designed by Gamers" campaign. Coming in black/orange and white/black - they must have been watching Toms custom builds! These mice feature an ambidextrous shape, 6 buttons, LED's, double braided cord and 1600-3200 DCPI that can hold movement speeds up to 130 inches per second.

Steel Series - Kana Mouse

The Kinzu v2 comes in a standard and Pro editions. They both builds on the successful v1 ambidextrous design, with four buttons, a 3600 fps optical sensor that can hold a stable 65 inches per second and a raft of colour options. The Pro edition also has Omron button switches, a must for competition gaming.

The Flux and Siberia V2 will be available in Q2 and the Ion will be available in Q3 but neither have pricing details at present. The Kana is available now at €49.99, and Kinzu v2 Pro at €44.99 and standard at €39.99(all MSRP).

More details are available here.

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