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$50 Mouse? Check. $50 Game? Check. Mouse pad? Uh oh. There are many mouse pads out there, lets see if the S&S by SteelPad fits your needs.

About SteelSeries

SteelSeries is all about gaming. Our mission is to create performance enhancing gaming gear, created for and by leading professional gamers. We continuously strive to better ourselves, and work with leading professional gamers from 3 different continents to create our products.

Our staff is distributed throughout the world, working from offices in Europe, North America and Asia.

The SteelSeries headquarters are located in Europe (Copenhagen, Denmark), and host the primary office facilities for the company. The headquarters handle all planning, production and partner coordination.


Mouse pads are usually packaged in clear plastic, or a bland box, but SteelPad obviously goes the extra length to include a flashy box.

The S&S is packaged in a cardboard box that is sealed with clear plastic. The cardboard boasts the companies dedication to gamers and enthusiasts. S&S actually stands for (steel) and SK, the designers of the mat. The mat is the first product in a new line of professional gaming gear by SteelSeries.

Overall the packaging is very nice and secure and protects the mat well. Opening the package was simple, and when I did I found not a mouse pad but a "sleeve" or carrying case.

Neat! This is definitely aimed at people who often visit lan parties and the like. Its even got a little zipper pouch on the back to carry your mouse, etc. A nice touch, SteelSeries!

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The S&S pad is plain black, obviously in effort to enhance performance and not aesthetics.

Not much to look at to be honest, but it's a mouse pad not artwork. You'll notice that SteelSeries went the extra length to provide you with universal mouse feet, to enhance your mousing experience. These pads are specifically designed to reduce friction and increase control. On the underside of the of the mat, there is a splattered rubber pattern to provide grip, which it does. The mat is about 12" wide by 10.5" tall, so you have a lot of room to use.

They don't fully cover the stock pads but they work great. The mouse glides across the mat effortlessly.

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To test the pad, I'm going to use my Logitech MX1000 and play a bit of Call of Duty 2 Multiplayer.

During gaming in both CoD2 and CS:S I noticed the overall feel of the mouse was more accurate and smooth, almost fluid like. Now, I don't have any screen shots of me in game as I've been doing terribly in CS:S lately, though I did play a bit better with this mat.

In game, arm/hand motions felt in sync with my mouse motions, and the overall gaming experience was enhanced. The way the mouse slides around on the mat is awesome. The overall feel of the mat is just amazing. The tracking power of your mouse is really shown with this mat, as the solid black textured surface makes it really easy for an optical or laser mouse to track on.

The durability of the mat seems high too, bending it or striking it with a hard blunt object (like the butt of a screwdriver) doesn't leave any marks or indents. I expect this thing to last years. It's a solid, non-porous mat so spilling a drink or food on it will be easy to clean up, especially those sticky sugary caffeine-loaded drinks us gamers drink in the early morning hours.

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The SteelPad S&S is perfect for gaming, web browsing, photo editing, anything! Though it is aimed at gamers, I feel it would be great for anyone, even if they don't game. Its high quality, sleek appearance, and awesome feel make it an all around awesome mat.

The $30 price tag can hurt though, but in my opinion it is worth every penny. The durability of this thing is just insane, and should provide you with countless years of gaming.


+Thin & Durable
+High Build Quality
+Effective Anti-Slip Backing
+Large Surface Area
+Hard, flat, smooth surface
+Includes Mouse Feet
+Includes Carrying Pouch

-Some may not like feel/texture
-Slightly Pricey For Some

Thanks to SteelSeries for providing this mat for review.

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