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 Project X DDR 3
Super Talent release supercharged Project X DDR3-2000 memory kit

Super Talent Technology have announced with immediate effect the release of the latest addition to their popular Project X line of super fast DDR3 memory.  The new 2GB (2 x 1GB) kit runs at storming speeds of DDR3-2000 with timings of 9-9-9-28 at 1.9v.
This Project X kit is built with the fastest available, carefully screened DRAM chips, and is hand tested as a matched pair on a dual channel Asus Striker II Extreme motherboard.

“Countless enthusiasts worldwide have already exceeded the 2000MHz mark with our Project X 1600 and 1800 kits over the past seven months. This new 2000 kit offers overclocking gurus a product that has passed our tightest test screen and packs some real serious horsepower”, commented Super Talent Marketing Director, Joe James.

Super Talent say that Project X represents the most advanced DDR3 memory available.  It is developed in Super Talent’s Silicon Valley Engineering Labs to deliver the highest attainable DDR3 memory performance.  After development it is then designed, built and tested in Super Talent's San Jose, California headquarters.
Project X also employs an effective looking cooling solution that offers double the surface area and 106% more aluminium mass than standard heat spreaders.  Super Talent say that this heat-spreader coupled with their special thermal adhesive  provides superior heat dissipation resulting in a cooler, faster memory device.

This memory is backed by a lifetime warranty and goes by the model number of W2000UX2GP.  The memory is shipping immediately so it should start turning up on the virtual shelves soon and will set you back a not so small sum of just under $400.
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Tempted by DDR3 yet with these seriously fast kits hitting the market? Or is it still just too expensive to be considered at the moment.
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