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Super Talent Introduces Line of Power Supplies
Super Talent has followed in Corsair's lead and stepped into the power supply market:

San Jose, California – December 18, 2007 -- Super Talent Technology, a leading manufacturer of flash storage solutions and DRAM memory modules, today introduced an all new line of power supply units (PSUs), dubbed Atomic Juice.

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Nvidia® SLI™ certified Atomic Juice PSUs come in 600W and 700W sizes. “We didn’t want this to be just another cookie cutter PSU, so we juiced it up with a unique look and best-of-class features”, said Super Talent Director of Business Development, Paul Sperry. The ultra-quiet 120mm ball bearing fan, which is backlit with fire-orange LEDs, communicates with temperature sensors, automatically adjusting RPM and airflow as needed. The universal AC input 100 ~ 264 Vac, is automatically switched and adjusts the hardware to operate at the available input voltage. Quad 12 V rails provide independent and reliable power to CPU(s), video card(s) and the other system components.

All six, above models, are sampling now. Atomic Juice PSUs will be available from Super Talent resellers worldwide in January. Street price on the 700W model is expected to be around $145.

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Now this is certainly one of the stranger PSU line names we've seen.  Considering Super Talent is a memory company, it's rather likely that this is a rebadged OEM.  It will be interesting to see which manufacturer Super Talent has on their side.  Will they be able to echo Corsair's success?
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