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Swiftech Release MCR Drive Heat Exchangers
Swiftech are no strangers to the world of Liquid Cooling and so it comes to no surprise that their recent release of MCR Drive Heat Exchangers may have turned some heads. So what do they mean by Heat Exchangers? Well once again, this manufacturer has the key word "integration" on their minds...
This time we're not talking about entry level watercooling kits such as the H2O Compact 120 and 220 but rather something a little more DIY orientated. Swiftech have taken their proven MCP350 pump and merged it with 240mm/360mm sized radiators and a reservoir, offering a potentially capable alternative to having stand alone pumps and radiators inside one's case.
This could appeal to those who have less space in their chassis' or those that would simply wish to consolidate components for the sake of assurance. Further, it offers improved expandability over all in one watercooling kits. The MCR Drive lineup is also an interesting offering for those who wish to mount their watercooling components externally. While it's possible that this may have nothing on a custom built and elaborate high end watercooling loop, Swiftech could well be on the right track towards bridging the gap between mice and men of liquid cooling solutions.
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