Synology Launches DiskStation DS1010+ with 20TB Storage Page: 1

Synology UK today announced the launch of its most powerful network attached storage (NAS) solution till date. The new DiskStation DS1010+ unit has been created specifically for the SMB and enthusiast market. The manufacturer claims that it delivers “superb performance, reliability, security, scalability, and has all the features required for modern day business needs.”

Synology UK is a leader in the open source network attached storage solutions domain and has some of the highest performing NAS solutions to its credit. The new DS1010+, which is part of Synology's Disk Station series, comes with a green design and consumes only 68 watts of electricity under normal operating conditions. The wake on LAN/WAN, scheduled power off function and hard drive hibernation features add to the power savings.

“Reducing carbon footprint is an extremely important part of business” Victor Chiang, Sales & Marketing Director, Synology UK said. “For many businesses the performance of the DS1010+ is more than enough to replace an expensive-to-run PC based server but at a fraction of the power consumption.”

The new station supports up to five internal hard drives with the option of adding another five through the Synology DX510 expansion module. This equips the DS1010+ with massive 20TB of storage space. The unit also supports RAID 5 to give 115 MB/sec read and 109 MB/sec write speeds over 2x Gigabit network ports. All 10 hard drives can be hot swapped in the event of a failure or replacement.

The DS1010+ comes with the upgraded version 2.3 of Disk Station Manager, which means it now supports Synology Hybrid RAID and allows the use of different capacity drives. Processing power for the unit comes from a 1.67GHz floating point processor, while connectivity options include 2 Gigabit ports and 4 USB ports. The default memory is 1GB DDRII RAM on a 64-bit memory bus with an optional upgrade to 2GB.

Extolling the virtues of the new product, Mr. Chiang added, “The DS1010+ is a complete out-of-the-box business solution for all networking and internet requirements, including web server, ftp access, email hosting, backup, file and printer sharing, IP Camera based surveillance and much more. All features can be very easily configured in minutes through Synology’s intuitive Disk Station Manager 2.2 web interface.”

The DS1010+ is already available in the UK through CCL online and carries a price tag of £716.16 inclusive of VAT.