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T-Mobile to Introduce Android Based Tablet PC?

Google’s Android OS has been making waves in the mobile operating system world since it was launched. While conceived for mobile phones, many-a-manufacturer is attempting to bring the system to netbooks. According to a report in The New York Times, T-Mobile is planning a tablet computer based on Android.

Claiming “confidential documents obtained from one of the company’s partners” as the base for its report, The New York Times reported that T-Mobile, which was the first company to introduce an Android-based smartphone, plans on launching a home phone and a tablet PC based on the Google OS in the early part of 2010. While full details about the new offerings are not available, it is rumoured that the tablet will be similar to a UMPC-like touch screen internet device.

The growing popularity of Android plus the move by manufacturers towards using the OS for larger mobile internet devices could soon make it a direct competitor to Microsoft’s Windows. While Windows currently dominates the sub-notebook systems, Android’s growth could soon put it in the reckoning for the top position.

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