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The Collosus Treasure Hunt!

The Collosus Treasure Hunt

If you've been watching our coverage of the recent i40 event and keeping up-to-date on our latest articles, you'll know that we were lucky enough to be one of the first websites IN THE WORLD to receive a pair of BitFenix Collosus cases well ahead of their official release.

Now, while other websites may be fighting to get their hands on one of these elusive chassis for review, we're going to be giving one away! That's right, you could be the proud owner of a brand new, black BitFenix Collosus well before anybody else.

However, true to OC3D's Treasure Hunt roots, we're not going to be making this easy. Hidden somewhere on this website among several thousand articles is the BitFenix logo. It could be anywhere. Your job is to find it.

What am I looking for? 

You're looking for this image, sneakily hidden on any page of any article on the whole entire Overclock3D website (Forums - and this page excluded):

The Collosus Treasure Hunt!


What do I do if I find it?

Email the web address (URL) you found it at to our competition e-mail address. For example, if you found the picture in this review, you would need to send us an email in the following format:

NAME: Blackbeard
ADDRESS: Caribbean Sea
FORUM USERNAME: blacky_beard
WINNING URL: dfi_x58_t3h6_jr_matx_motherboard/1. 

Simple eh?   


What if nobody finds it? 

Oh they will..but should we have happened to bury the treasure too deep we will be giving out small clues on a daily basis until the first few entries start rolling in. After that you're on your own!


Any other rules?

• Only one entry per person. Names & Addresses will be checked!
• Competition is open to both members and readers. Forum registration required.
• Competition ends Sunday 12th September 2010 at 11:00am GMT.
• Normal forum and website terms and conditions apply to your entries.
• One entry will be picked at random to be the winner.
• Overclock3D reserves the right to refuse entries.
• Publicly sharing of the answer URL will result in disqualification.


You can discuss your thoughts on the competition and compare notes with other hunters in the forums


Overclock3D will not share your details with any other party. All entry details are destroyed after a winner has been chosen to protect your privacy.