The End of XP gets ever closer Page: 1

The End of XP draws near.


As we all know all good things come to an end and that means the beloved Windows XP will do too. Microsoft have announced that the sales of XP will stop on June 30th this year. Microsoft have already extended the sales of XP by six months and it is looking unlikely for them to do it again.

Retailers are stocking up on XP licenses so that when the date comes they can carry on selling XP for the months to come, but this won't be unlimited. So prices have to rise, as you can see below the price of XP is now more than Vista and will continue to rise until the XP licenses run dry. Windows XP is still the worlds favorite operating system as XP sales have rocketed since the release of Windows Vista.




Microsoft have also announced the end of Windows XP's support, the date is April 14th 2009 on this day MS will no longer support the OS and no more updates/security patchs will be released. If you are fortunate enough to have a large Microsoft Volume License both support and sales of XP will be still available. To be able to have one of these licenses you need to own a business with 25 computers.


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