The MSI Master Overclocking Arena 2008 Begins.... Page: 1
The MSI Master Overclocking Arena 2008 Begins....
From 8 till 11 November 2008 MSI will host the First Master Overclocking Arena in Taipei, Taiwan. The contestants are the world’s best overclockers and will push MSI P45D3 Platinum mainboard to new heights. MSI has high expectations and full confidence that in the “Master Overclocking Arena” competition one of them will set a new OC record based on MSI P45D3 mainboard. Predict now which team will win MOA and have a chance on winning yourself! For more check out The Master Overclocking Arena 2008 is made possible by Intel, NVIDIA, OCZ Technology, Western Digital, Enermax and Genius.

The MSI P45D3 Platinum system used during event features an Intel quad-core processor and Intel P45 Express Chipset. “Intel is very glad to work with MSI for power users to enjoy the outstanding performance by experiencing Intel architecture-based MSI systems,” said Stanley Huang, Director of Advanced Technical Sales and Services, Intel Asia-Pacific. “These systems featuring Intel quad core processors and chipsets are the ideal platforms to demonstrate the excellent computing capability with reduced power consumption, meeting the power users’ demands on all kind of applications and purposes.”

“NVIDIA and MSI have been closely working together to deliver premium products to the mainstream PC market, where the amazing growth of MSI’s graphics cards, motherboards and gaming notebooks is really impressive,” said Francis Yu, vice president of sales, NVIDIA APAC. “For hardcore users, the two companies again deliver high-end graphics cards with astonishing overclockability. What’s worthy of mention is the NVIDIA GeForce 9800 Plus graphics cards used for the systems of the MOA event, plus NVIDIA’s unified drivers and easy –to-use control panel to help overclockers to release the ultimate performance of the systems.”

“WD is honor to be part of the MSI Overclocking Competition 2008, and to update consumers with our latest version of WD VelociRaptor. This drive brings PC and Mac computer enthusiasts to the New Storage Era by delivering the computing speed and capacity they thirst for,” said Any Kuo, Country Manager of WD Taiwan. He further indicated “We are more than happy to find out our WD VelociRaptor being the only selected hard drive for this competition.”

“OCZ was founded by enthusiasts and has ever since stayed close to the community, delivering ultra-high performance solutions tailored exclusively for overclockers who enjoy pushing their system to the limit,” commented Jessica Luken, Global Marketing Director at OCZ Technology Group. “OCZ is excited to partner with MSI and participate in the biggest overclocking event in Asia, continuing to show our commitment to the enthusiast community. The new MSI P45 boards bundled with OCZ high-speed DDR3 memory will enable the participants to get the most out of their systems.”

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