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The Skins Factory, Features Pimped Out Themed Windows Media Players
The Skins Factory, has unleashed an array of hot, exciting technology giving Windows XP users the ability to pimp their media players with the hottest movie, gaming and sports skins on the market. Windows Media Player skins range from Alienware, Batman Returns, NVidia, Terminator 3, Halo 2, CatWoman, Wall-E, Washington Red Skins, Nascar, US Armed Forces and many more. The Skins Factory also features a number of widgets with designs ranging from Yahoo!Search, Disney and ESPN to Nero and Sci-Fi DarkMatter widgets. A variety of Windows Media Players skins are available for download at

Since late 2000, The Skins Factory's Founder and CEO, Jeff Schader, has combined the talents of the world's most talented interface designers to creating some of the most popular and successful commercial user interfaces ever developed for an array of Fortune 500 companies. Such companies have included Microsoft, HP, and Warner Bros. Entertainment to Yahoo!, Sony Ericsson, Electronic Arts, Bank of America and AT&T.

Whether it's a mind-blowing, cool media browser or the sophisticated user interface for a corporate productivity application, The Skins Factory is adept at finding that perfect balance between impact, style and ease of use. Each application interface is approached by The Skins Factory development team as an opportunity to improve upon everything that's gone before, producing a final product that invariably stands head-and-shoulders above the competition. Services and solutions range from Application User Interface Development, Hyperdesk Licensing to promote a brand on the Windows desktop, Windows Desktop Theme Development, Widget & Gadget Interface Design , Brand Identity Creation, Icon Design to Media Player Skins.
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