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Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000

Yes, Microsoft are releasing a new desktop range for enthusiasts and professionals alike, due to coincide with the release of Windows Vista. The Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000, whilst not hugely cutting edge in design, certainly looks extremely promising.

Apparently both the keyboard and mouse can be fully recharged in 90 minutes, and the keyboard is still able to be used whilst charging. The Desktop 8000 features various Windows XP and Vista specific buttons, but also boasts the ability to dim the lights in your room if watching a movie or gaming...Cool!

At only an 1" thick, the keyboard also features 3 integrated USB ports, and an speed dial feature for web conferencing. Complimenting the keyboard, is the wireless mouse, which Microsoft are touting as extremely customisable and having "virtually no latency". Tentative pricing is tipped at being around the US$250 mark.

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