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Thermalright Adds Fans To Their Repertoire

Thermalright has long been known as a cooling specialist company.  In fact, their tagline is "Ultimate CPU Cooling Solutions!"  Strange then, that for the longest time they have not had any actual fan products.  Well that is about to change.  Thermalright has created a lineup of four 120mm fans utilizing a Fluid Dynamic Bearing.

# Japanese imported Fluid Dynamic Bearing Technology to reduced noise and vibration. Work best with Thermalright’s heatsinks for that perfect balance of performance and silence.
# 60,000 hours under normal room temperature. Longer life expectancy than other leading brands.
# High rate of Air Flow even under low RPM.
# 7V of power usage; can be adjusted via fan control device.
# Four speed variation to choose from (1,000 RPM, 1,300 RPM, 1,600 RPM, and 2,000 RPM).
# All Thermalright FDB fans are under 3 year warranty.

* TR-FDB-1000 - 1000 RPM ± 10%, 38.9 CFM airflow, 15.8 dB/A
* TR-FDB-1300 - 1300 RPM ± 10%, 50.0 CFM airflow, 24.1 dB/A
* TR-FDB-1600 - 1600 RPM ± 10%, 63.7 CFM airflow, 28.0 dB/A
* TR-FDB-2000 - 2000 RPM ± 10%, 80.5 CFM airflow, 38.0 dB/A

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These fans are already available with a price range of $12.99-14.99 in the US and £10.56 (incl VAT) in the UK.
Will these fans be up to the usual high-standard Thermalright quality?
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