Thermalright Preps Shaman VGA Cooler Page: 1

Over the past year or so, things have been fairly quiet over in Thermalright's camp.  Their well-proven TRUE120 design has remained among the dominant forces on the CPU cooler front and their GPU cooler designs haven't done too shabbily either.  Still, these cooling specialists are always looking to improve, and this time they're focusing on the latter area.

Thermalright's GPU cooler designs have always had a propensity for being on the large side.  Their current works make use of six copper heatpipes paired with a massive surface area of aluminum fins.  But they can always go bigger.

Thermalright's upcoming GPU cooler monstrosity, the Shaman, features an unprecedented eight copper heatpipes bearing their usual nickel plating paired with an array of aluminum fins large enough to house the YT-140 140mm fan.

The cooler supports all of Nvidia and AMD's latest graphics cards, and interestingly enough some of AMD's unreleased 6000 series cards as well.  Expected pricing and release date are unavailable at this time, though one would imagine it'll be coming relatively soon.

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