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Thermalright MUX-120 CoolerThermalright MUX-120 CPU Cooler
Thermalright, regarded as probably one of the best air cooling product manufacturers of all time due to their legendary Ultra 120 extreme which has served it's purpose for a number of years now. Many were expecting it to live on through socket 1156 with a new mounting bracket, but it seems Thermaright have came up with an alternative method of cooling these new processors - the MUX-120. It look virtually identical to most of Thermalright's other coolers, a typical tower design, four 6mm heatpipes coming from the base and dissapating the heat from the CPU through it's 48 aluminum fins.
This is two fewer heatpipes, and 4 less fins than the Ultra 120 Extreme, but as the new CPUs run cooler, the performance should be very similiar. The 48 fins also carry the trademark bent edges that are said to minimize resistance. It is by no means a small cooler at 133 x 38 x 160 mm and it's not light weight either, at 670g including a 120mm fan. This is probably one of the only major differences from other coolers, an included X-Silent fan, which Thermalright claim pushes 41.8CFM at only 23.5dBA.
Thermalright MUX-120 Cooler
As usual, it includes all of the neccesary mounting hardware needed to install the cooler, however it is only for socket 1156 this time, unlike other coolers which support multiple sockets. Also bundled in is a tube of Chill Factor 2 thermal paste and hardware for mounting up to two 120mm fans on the cooler.
The cooler is expected to hit the market soon, although nobody knows what prices will be for sure. I'd guess around £35 - £40. Discuss in our Forums.