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Limited Run Copper TRUE Copper TRUE
It has been found that well-known heatsink manufacturer Thermalright will be releasing a full copper version of their popular Ultra-120 Extreme high performance cooler. Weighing in at a rather monstrous 1.8 kilograms, this copper TRUE will be available next month in a limited quantity of 3000 units at a price of US$99.

Considering the higher heat conductivity properties of copper over aluminum, this should increase the TRUE's already impressive cooling capability. The main concern here is the weight. At 1.8kg, this all copper version is the heaviest heatsink seen to date, with a weight more than double that of the original. This could easily cause excessive stress on the motherboard and possible damage. In addition to this, the price is high enough to approach TEC coolers (such as the Titan Amanda) and entry-level water cooling.

Will this all copper TRUE be worth the cost and possible risk?

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