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Thermalright Unveils Venomous X
So where have Thermalright been hiding? Since the release of the popular Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme (or "TRUE") and the gigantic but not quite as popular IFX-14, the manufacturer have been as quiet as a mouse on the CPU Cooling front. It's fair to say that neither of the aformentioned coolers are any less capable than they were when they were first released but as other manufacturers release new products, regular product refreshes ensure that sales don't fall. With this in mind, cue the new Thermalright Venomous X Heatpipe Cooler.
So what differentiates the Venomous X from outgoing Ultra 120 Extreme cooler? Fundamentally they are of the same (proven) design with 6 staggered "U" Heatpipes. The main portion of the CPU cooler also features a bent "winglet" design that manipulates the flow of air (and looks mighty venomous), however the main difference seems to lie with the CPU Cooler mounting brackets, which are supposed to offer a far more secure mount.
One common feature that the new Venomous X seems to share with the Ultra 120 Extreme is it's Convex Copper base as Thermalright believe that it offers better contact with the CPU. There was much discussion about this amongst enthusiasts, who were reporting the opposite and that sanding their bases flat was the remedy.
The Venomous X currently has another brand new competitor from Noctua, labelled the NH-D14. It'll be particularly interesting to see how well they perform, head to head.
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