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Leading chassis manufacturer Thermaltake today announced the addition of the all-black DOKKER mid-tower chassis to their collection. The DOKKER is a top-mounted HDD single back docking station PC chassis and part of Thermaltake’s highly successful docking station chassis series.

The DOKKER carries forward the Thermaltake tradition of being a chassis with exceptional airflow – depending on their requirements users have the option of installing up to 7 fans. The front panel is metal-mesh for faster cold air intake, while the rear top of the chassis has an extra large 120mm blue LED fan running at 1300 RPM for extra fast heat removal.

For the liquid cooling enthusiast, the DOKKER is ready to take in liquid cooling apparatus. There are two holes in the back for 1/2”, 1/8”, and 1/4” water tubes. The reserved liquid cooling hold supports high-performance 24cm and 12cm water cooling radiator. The combination of fans and liquid cooling makes the DOKKER a superbly cooled chassis.

Thermaltake has equipped the DOKKER with a dual-use single HDD docking station on the front top. Depending on their needs, users can fit a 3.5” or a 2.5” SATA drive into the hot-swappable station. The drives can be quickly changed without the need for any software or hardware. In addition to the top-loading bay, the chassis also has 10 bays for HDDs – 3 for 5.25in ones, 1 for 3.5in accessible, 5 for 3.5in regular and 1 for 2.5in HDDs.

The chassis has been designed to accommodate all the latest top-line graphics cards up to 12.5” length and to keep such a card cool Thermaltake has provided pre-drilled ventilation holes on the left panel. These holes allow the installation of one more fan to provide direct cooling to the graphics card.

The DOKKER also has an extra large tray hole for motherboards, which makes it easy to remove or exchange CPU coolers. Special holes have also been drilled for cable routing management. The chassis has been installed with dust filters for the fans, PSU, and 5.25in drive bays to ensure there is no dust accumulation within the chassis. The overall effect is a chassis that is not just ready to be fully loaded, but also remains extraordinarily silent even at full load.

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Thermaltake DOKKER Docking Station Chassis  Thermaltake DOKKER Docking Station Chassis