Thermaltake Announces a Crazy New Case Page: 1
News <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> Posted 17/01/07
Author: MikeEnIke
Source: Inquirer

Sworm M front view

Thermaltake has announced a new case to their current lineup. This new case, the Sword M, is a hand-crafted limited edition case. Thermaltake will only produce 500 of these units a month in order to assure that their are built up to par. The case is equipped with many included extras with the ability to upgrade to an LCD display on the front panel if you'd like. The Sword M also comes with the pre-install liquid cooling system which some Thermaltake cases are known to have, however this case has two liquid cooling systems, yes two. The side panel has a suicide door design, and opens with a touch because it is all controlled by a small hydraulic system, the top is also controlled in the same way and can indeed open.

There is no doubt that the Sword M will be the object of many modder's creations, although there isn't much more you could do to this thing that would make it less overkill. It's definitely packed full of accessories and cool little quirks, almost to the point of gaudiness. It won't be easy to get one of these bad boys either, with the 500 a month limitation, and the probable extreme price. We'll have to wait and see what the tech community thinks of this monster.

Side View

Overkill to the max? or great addition to any PC enthusiast's setup? Tell us what you think and more in the forums.